Services & Specializations

English to French translation/localization

Travel & Tourism (10 years): blogs and websites, listings, etc.

E-commerce (7 years): product descriptions, category descriptions, e-commerce website, sales pages, ads, etc.

Apps & Softwares (2 years): for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. in any field.

Technical translations: user guide, brochures, etc.

Manual translation and CAT tools

If machine translation can sometimes be a valuable resource for the translators, it still can’t replace human translation. As much as the source text, the translated text should also be written with a good style, with accuracy, and without any misinterpretation. That’s why I am focusing mainly on manual translation, with the aid of CAT tools for technical content.

I am using/I can use:

  • Translation and localization tools: Contentful, PhraseApp, and Wordfast Anywhere.
  • CMS and project management tools: WordPress, Shopify, Amazon WorkSpaces, Trello, Slack.
  • And, I am tech-savvy: working on Linux and Windows, knowing HTML and CSS, and always testing new apps on smartphones and computers.

My rates

Proofreading or minor edit on existing translation: 30 USD per hour.

Content translation and/or localization: starting from 5 USD per 100 words, up to 10 USD per 100 words. Feel free to request a quote.